Suse Linux and Samba

Search in Samba and Suse Linux security bulletins with!

Suse support is a great deal. Bulletins describe vulnerabilities in many software products: SLES, SLED. openSUSE, Suse, Suse SDK, Suse for VMware, SUSE LTSS, etc. All versions of patched packages for all processor architectures were parsed and available in machine-readable form.

sles bulletin

Suse bulletins contain more records in affected section than all other bulletins all together. For example, SUSE-SA:2005:045  has 110 entries.

So, now Vulners supports almost all common Linux distributions:  Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, RedHat, Oracle Linux, Cent OS and Suse (SLES, SLED, openSUSE).

Another hot topic is, of course, Samba.  Waited for details on Badlock? So, here it is: SAMBA:CVE-2016-2118(BADLOCK)


It is also interesting to see the hype about this vulnerability:

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