2 years of Vulners and new plugin for Burp Scanner

Yesterday we celebrated second birthday of Vulners.com project. It was a very interesting and productive year! We were constantly improving our core feature: search engine for security content. We were actively experimenting with new technologies to process vulnerability data and bring additional value. Finally, we have successfully released our first fully functional cloud-based Vulnerability Management solution and we are working hard on an on-premise version.

Birthday cake

At the same time, we are still going our own way. We do not want to compete directly with other Vulnerability Management and Vulnerability Intelligence vendors. We do not tie the cost of our solutions to the number of hosts in the organization. All our products are as open as possible and we believe in freemium model. 🙂

Vulners Team

In honor of Vulners birthday we have released a free plugin for Burp web applications vulnerability scanner. It can detect software names, versions, paths and shows vulnerabilities.

Vulners Burp vulnerabilities

And even exploits 😉

Vulners Burp exploits

Works really nice! Welcome to test it!



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