Vulners API update: download database in one click

Vulners development team added a new call to Vulners API v.3, which provides an easy way to export collections of security bulletins.

For example, to download all CVEs you need to

wget “” -O

The result will be with cve.json inside.

The same file can be downloaded with GUI at Stats tab

Vulners Stats

Moreover, with new API call you can download security bulletins for a particular OS version:

wget “” -O

It makes possible to get the data, which you won’t find anywhere else: the archives of exploits, hackerone history, all CentOS vulnerabilities, etc. This functionality might be useful if you want to make your own tools and data synchronization, if you already use some knowledge base.

No problem if you forgot “type” values. Just enter a nonexistent type, and you get a full list of available values:

“Error”: “There is no type ‘FAKE’ Available collection types:. [ ‘Nessus’, ‘cve’, ‘exploitdb’, ‘xssed’, ‘zdt’, ‘hackapp’, ‘threatpost’, ‘redhat’, ‘debian’, ‘ubuntu’, ‘cert’, ‘metasploit’, ‘freebsd’, ‘zdi’, ‘oraclelinux’, ‘suse’, ‘centos’,’ cisco ‘,’ hackerone ‘,’ vulnerlab ‘,’ f5 ‘,’ mozilla ‘,’ ics’, ‘archlinux’, ‘ptsecurity’, ‘rdot’, ‘erpscan’, ‘huawei’, ‘xen’, ‘openssl’, ‘opera’, ‘vmware’, ‘wpvulndb’, ‘samba’, ‘postgresql’, ‘drupal’, ‘lenovo’, ‘msvr’, ‘paloalto’, ‘nginx’] “

It is also possible to obtain these results through the search queries. Unfortunately now it was not so easy, the maximum size for a single request is reduced from 10 000 to 500. It’s a forced measure, since the load on a server and the traffic volumes increased significantly.

Now we have a separation: search for the search, and archive/collection for content export.